Free Alabama Boat Bill of Sale Template

Buying or selling watercraft usually requires undergoing a special registration procedure. Alabama boat bill of sale may be something that you need to finalize the deal. The boat bill of sale is obligatory in some states, while it is not required in many others. In this article, you will find specifics of Alabama’s legislation, regulating the registration of watercraft, and other helpful information related to selling or buying this type of vehicle.

alabama boat bill of sale form
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Are You Required to Have a Bill of Sale to Sell or Buy a Boat in Alabama?

Being a legal document, a bill of sale works as a receipt. Alabama consists of 67 counties, and each of them has its own requirements regarding boat registration procedures and documents. Generally, you will need to have a bill of sale regardless of where across the state the transfer of ownership is conducted.

However, there are a few exemptions. For example, if a boat bill of sale is not available in Tuscaloosa, you can use a court order instead.

Where Can You Get a Form Template?

It is possible to find the Alabama boat bill of sale on the official website of counties within the state. This form comes in PDF format, and it is printable. You can simply fill out its fields using your PC and then print this document.

How to Register Your Boat in Alabama

If you are a seller, then after signing a bill of sale and any other document related to the deal, such as a contract, you are free to go. If you are a buyer, then you must register your new watercraft properly. No title is required if you buy a boat in Alabama.

The following is the procedure for the registration of your new watercraft:

  • Find the boat registration body without your county;
  • Check its requirements for boat registration;
  • Bring all the documents;
  • Pay a boat registration fee, which depends on the length of the vessel;
  • Wait for the registration to be completed.

The list of documents that you will need includes:

  • A bill of sale (obligatory)
  • A manufacturer’s certificate of origin (optional)
  • Title from another state for the watercraft (optional)
  • Copy of the most recent registration in Alabama (optional)