Free Tennessee Boat Bill of Sale Template

Registration of a vessel is required in many US states. The procedure is accompanied by providing certain documents and paying fees. Tennessee boat bill of sale may also be one of those documents that you need to register your vessel in this state. Find out more information on how the registration of a vessel must be conducted in Tennessee.

tennessee boat bill of sale form
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How to Register a Boat in Tennessee?

After buying a vessel in Tennessee, you must register it. No registration is required for boats powered by oars or paddles. If you are selling or purchasing a vessel, a boat bill of sale can be used to prove the transfer of ownership.

Before applying for the registration, you will need to provide proof that all sales taxes have been paid to The Tennessee Department of Revenue (TDOR). In case you purchase a boat from a dealer, the latter will have to provide you with a certified application containing the information about the taxes paid. You will get two copies of the application:

  • While — mail it for processing
  • Yellow — keep it as proof of temporary permit

Please note that the list of required documents for registration varies depending on the county. Therefore, you need to contact your County Clerk’s office to find out what documents you will have to provide.

If it is a purchase between individuals, you will also get two copies of the application from the clerk’s office — while and yellow. It is also possible to register a vessel online.

In Which Situations Do You Need to Provide a Bill of Sale?

Usually, you will need to provide a filled-out and signed Tennessee boat bill of sale form in case of purchasing a vessel from an individual.

The following is necessary information to include in a bill of sale:

  • Date of Sale
  • Amount of Sale
  • Full description of a boat (year, model, make, and HIN)
  • Name, contact details, and signatures of both parties of the deal

No notarization of a boat bill of sale is required in Tennessee.

How to Find the Right Template of a Bill of Sale Form?

You can download a free printable bill of sale form in PDF format. You can fill it out using your computer before signing it. Just point the mouse cursor on the fields that you need to fill out. Once the document has been prepared, both parties of the deal must add their signatures.