Free Texas Boat Bill of Sale Template

Before you start using your vessel, make sure that it comes with relevant documents and permits. Texas boat bill of sale may be required to legally use your vessel in this state. In this article, you will find helpful information about the registration of your vessel in Texas.

texas boat bill of sale form
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Do You Have to Register or Title Your Boat in Texas?

Yes, you do. According to Texas law, you must register your vessel if it is:

  • A motorized vessel
  • A non-motorized 14-foot long or longer vessel
  • A USCG documented vessel

Also, you must have a title for the following vessels:

  • All motorized vessels
  • A non-motorized 14-foot long or longer vessel

You will need to provide the following to register your boat:

  • Registration application
  • Supporting documents
  • Receipts proving paid taxes and fees

Please note that the registration application is filled out by both the seller and the buyer. You can send all the documents to office locations for boat registration and title. Remember to do it within 45 days after the purchase of your boat.

When Is a Bill of Sale Required?

The boat bill of sale is required when you purchase a used vessel. Make sure that it is a titled vessel. You will need to get an original title from the seller. When obtaining a bill of sale, make sure that it is signed by the person listed on the title.

Also, this document must include the following fields:

  • The date of sale
  • Price
  • Description of the vessel (year, make, and TX or serial number)
  • Names of both parties
  • Signatures of both parties

However, you can use Form PWD-143. In this case, the person selling the boat must fill out the Tax Affidavit section and sign Section O.

Where Can You Get a Bill of Sale Form?

You can find a printable PDF bill of sale form on the Internet. You just need to make sure that a template that you find contains the required fields. It is possible to download such a template for free. Usually, you can enter all the required information right in the form before printing it. When buying or selling a boat, both parties add their signatures to the document to make it legal.