Free North Carolina Last Will and Testament Template

Death is inevitable, yet many of us try to keep from talking about it. It is a conversation everyone should have with the ones they love, securing assets, and caring for those left behind. A North Carolina last will and testament secures your life’s savings, assets, real estate, and other important property. It allows you to choose who it goes to and stands up in court when that day comes. In this way, you are still protecting your family plus, assuring them that things will go exactly as you would have wanted them to.

When death happens, families need time to heal, not to butt heads. That is where a last will and testament can help, assuring that families have a plan when that day comes. There is no funeral planning and no lengthy fights over who gets what. All there is left to do is mourn the loved one they lost and attempt to pick up the pieces.

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What you Need to Create a North Carolina Last Will and Testament

To create a last will and testament, you need to meet the following requirements set out in Chapter 31 of North Carolina General Assembly:

  • The person filling out the last will and testament template needs to be at least 18 years old
  • You must prove that you can make sound decisions on your own
  • You need 2 witnesses that will sign the document
  • You should include a list of all beneficiaries and a detailed description of what you wish them to receive

The state of North Carolina doesn’t require notarization, only requiring signatures of you and two witnesses. Handwritten and holographic wills are accepted depending on the circumstance. Be sure to check before relying on the validity of a holographic will without a last will and testament form.

Why You Need a Last Will

North Carolina doesn’t require that you have any document concerning your passing, with the state taking over in the event you don’t have one. However, you should have one for both personal and financial reasons. First of all, you choose an executor of your liking that will initiate the process, making sure that things work out as you wanted. They are there from far before your last day comes, usually a close family member or friend. In case things are in shambles, your executor should be someone that can stand their ground, putting business first to help those most grieved by your death move on.

Secondly, when it comes to your property, you can distribute it any way you see fit. You have worked hard all of your life to secure property and financial security, using it to make a living and create a secure future. Creating a North Carolina last will and testament guarantees that your life’s savings go to whomever you may choose and, in the proportions you see fit. You can rest assured that, when that day comes, everything will be taken care of, including your family and close friends.

What Happens If I Die Without a Will in North Carolina?

It often happens that some people die without a last will and testament. If this death is unexpected, the first thing that happens is the family is left to organize and execute everything. This includes the funeral and distribution of your property, whether it is financial or material. However, the way things are separated might not work out the way you wanted and may take a long and draining period to start.

The state of North Carolina distributes property of the diseased first, starting with the spouse as the primary beneficiary. They are generally the ones to refer to in your absence if assets are taken over by the state, going directly to your children if your significant other is not able or willing to take over. If either is not available or doesn’t apply to you, your assets get passed down to family until a living family member can take everything over. It can be a hassle and an unnecessary process, mainly because the state decides how your hard-earned life’s earnings are split up.

Fill Out a Last Will and Testament to Guarantee Your Family’s Future

No one feels comfortable talking about death, but it will eventually happen to us all. Creating a will means securing your life’s earnings, leaving them to help protect your family. They will go where you want them to, keeping your estate away from the state. Getting all business organized long before you go, you can rest assured that everything is taken care of and legally bound for when that day comes, leaving your family free from taking on the hassle of doing things.

To fill out a North Carolina last will and testament easy and free, you can visit our website and download a fillable form. This will take any guesswork out, guaranteeing that you have all you need for a valid and binding testament securing your assets.

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