Free Ohio Last Will and Testament Template

Everyone should have a will. To secure your life’s earnings and make sure that your family can go on living their lives, you can create an Ohio last will and testament. When you’re ready to fill one out and pass your belongings on, make sure you have the following ready to go.

We all believe that it doesn’t apply to us, thinking that death is something that happens when we’re old and gray. While that is optimistic and mostly true, we are never guaranteed another day and could cause great detriment if passing on all of a sudden. Here are the guidelines for crafting a last will and testament form to make all arrangements regarding your assets and property beforehand.

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An Executor

When the time comes, someone will have to act as executor. This means that they take control, making sure that things go exactly as planned. Think about choosing someone who is emotionally stable and will get things done the way you wanted. They will take over and see out your funeral plans and your distributions, keeping things in order.

An Alternate

The title of the executor can be a lot of pressure for some people. However, it is not guaranteed that the chosen one will be up for the challenge, possibly turning down the appointed title. Just in case your primary choice is not up for the job, choose someone that will act in their absence. Think about close friends and family. Anyone that you know is strong and organized will become a good fit for that task.


You choose the people who take over your items – financial or material. You can choose anyone as long as you have their information like the last digits of their social security numbers, date of birth, and current address. Most of the time, testators choose family and close friends, but the power is yours to choose however you please. You can have as many beneficiaries as you want and distribute any number of items to each of them.

List of Items

It would be best if you also had a good idea about what you want to pass on. The list can be handwritten and organized by name and the items you wish to go to that person. There is no limit to value – whether emotional or financial – and no limit to the number of items that can go to any particular beneficiary.

How to Create an Ohio Last Will and Testament

Whenever you have the above ready to go, you can fill out a form and follow a template to complete everything hassle-free and easy. When you’re ready, make sure that you check the following requirements set by Chapter 2107 of the Ohio Code ensuring that you were correct in the creation:

  • You must be of legal age (at least 18 years)
  • Be in a healthy and sound state of mind
  • 2 witnesses or which you will sign in the presence of
  • All parts must be handwritten unless under extreme circumstances

Changing or Revoking a Will in Ohio

Ohio honors everyone. This is ultimately reassuring, especially if you have a few bad apples in the family that might want to fight over property. When things are left unorganized, families often clash over properties that they feel they deserve or don’t deserve. If you are the one who creates your will, there are fewer chances that any fighting will take place, leaving your family in peace. You can make any changes to it or cancel it by:

  • Creating another valid will that has a more recent date
  • Adding to an already created will with the help of a family attorney
  • Having the last will destroyed or wiped from court records.

Why You Need a Will

You may be wondering why you should have a will in the first place. That is a good question and one that so many often misunderstand. Creating a will is not bad, nor does it mean that your time here will be shorter than planned. Creating an Ohio last will and testament is a way to prepare. If it does happen that you pass away before creating a will, the state takes over your properties, and your family is left to plan and organize your funeral. The state doesn’t seize your assets, but subtracts your debts and then distributes the rest to your family.

Starting with your spouse, then passing down to your children, parents, grandchildren, and so on. This gives you no final say in what happens, leaving it all up to who has survived you and how they wish to handle business. When you create a will, you can take each day more peacefully, knowing that things will be okay when your last day comes, securing a life for your family that will keep them safe, secure, and supported. To create your free Ohio last will and testament form today, visit our website for all the details and an easy to follow, quick way to secure your assets.

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