Free Pennsylvania Last Will and Testament Template

Creating a Pennsylvania last will and testament is easy. In line with the Pennsylvania Code, Title 20, you must be of legal age in Pennsylvania (18 and over) and you must come prepared to discuss and guarantee your future. Many people think they are too young or in too good health even to consider creating a will. But the truth is, we never know when our last day is, and we need some assurance to protect the things we’ve worked our whole lives for. A will might just be a piece of paper to some, but it is a way to secure the future for others.

Before you begin, it is always good to plan ahead and start thinking of how you would like your items distributed. As the testator, you are responsible for a few key things, all of which you will have to come prepared to present when you’re ready to legalize your will. First of all, you need to think about who will take charge and who you will pass things down to.

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Create Your Will Today

We don’t like to talk about death, but it will happen to all of us. Some of us will see the day way further down the road than others, but it is something that we can never know or plan for. Thus, creating a will doesn’t have to be sad. It helps to take some of the pressure off. You are left with a weight lifted off of your shoulders, not having to worry about what might happen to those you love when you pass away. You can access a free last will and testament template on our website, using it as a guide to help you in the process. It is easy and over before you know it, giving you and your family a reason to smile.

Choosing an Executor

When choosing an executor, you want someone that can take charge. Don’t choose anyone that cracks under pressure, or that will be too emotional to get things going in the wake of your death. An executor is a person that will get the ball rolling. They are the ones who will oversee that all of your desires are met, including the distributions of your life’s earnings and your funeral arrangements. You also want to think about choosing more than one executor, just in case your chosen is not available or no longer living when the time comes.

Choosing Beneficiaries

Another essential thing to consider is who will be taking over or receiving your property. It can be anyone, giving you the liberty to choose whomever you wish. You can choose as many persons as you’d like, making a detailed list of the items you wish each of them to receive. Before you fill out any document, take a good look at your items and how you would like them to be distributed.

Can You Cancel or Change a Will?

What if you create a will very early and change your mind about some of your decisions? That’s no problem. You can make changes or even create a whole new Pennsylvania last will and testament if your desires have changed. To do so, you will need to contact your family lawyer and fill out a new document. This new version will take over the previous last will and be used in the event of your death. While wills are binding, you’re not stuck with the decisions you made forever.

What if I die Before I create a Will?

Creating a will is not for everyone. For the most part, it has to do with our overall fear of death. We don’t like to bring it up and don’t like to talk about it with our loved ones. But it is something that will happen whether we prepare for it or not. If you don’t have a last will before your death, the state of Pennsylvania takes over the distributions of your hard-earned possessions following a set of guidelines.

The first place they look is your immediate family, which includes your spouse and children. While this may seem logical, not all those with spouses have a stable relationship. What if something happens and your spouse decides to keep it all for themselves? The state will not act in any other way besides first looking to the spouse, which cannot be disputed without proper legal documentation.

If there is no immediate family available, the state starts a search down the family tree until some relative is found. It can be bitter to think that everything you have worked for your entire life is tossed around without you being able to make the right decisions. When you create a will, you control your precious items, making sure that they go to doing what you would have wanted. You have the liberty to choose who you want and whatever it is that you wish to give them.

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