Free Texas Last Will and Testament Template

A Texas last will and testament is a legal document that will help you have a say in what happens to your things when you pass away. If you are a person with lots of life accomplishments that has a lot to give to those you love, this is an important and necessary document. You don’t have to be on your last days, ill, or anywhere near your deathbed to create one, making it something you should do for you and your family to make sure they continue to live their best lives.

When it comes time to create a will, you’ll find that it is much easier than you might think. It is not complicated and not emotional, giving you time to plan everything out just in case. As long as you are of legal age in Texas (18) and have two witnesses that will sign, you can get everything created and running smoothly in no time.

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What You Need

Before you begin, it is a good idea to start thinking about a few things. First, check the legal requirements for the Texas last will and testament completion set by Estates Code, Title 2, Chapter 251. This will help you in your overall planning and making sure that you are leaving nothing out. First of all, you need an executor. Secondly, you need to think about your possessions. Gathering everything together to start the process is key to making sure that things run smoothly and that they don’t take up too much time.


An executor is a person that will take charge when the time comes. They will be there to start all of the processes, keeping everything in order from start to finish. This person should be someone that is organized and can hold back anything emotional while handling business. Make sure it is someone that you trust, and you know they will get things rolling.

Your Possessions

Another essential part of the process is thinking about what you would like to do with your possessions. This includes all of your most valuable items including finances and material items. Thinking about your possessions. You can make a handwritten list of those you wish to receive your life’s earnings, ensuring that you have their current address and social security numbers. In this way, you can select who you want and pass them anything you want.

The Correct Documents

You will need a set of correct and current documentations to start. Plus, have everything handwritten and filled out when you’re ready to file. Be sure to sign the last will and testament template only when your two chosen witnesses are around, as they must legally testify that they were there to see you sign. There is no notarization needed in Texas though some circumstances may require.

What Happens If You Don’t Create a Will in Texas?

Texas is like many other states when it comes to creating a will. They will take over and distribute properties if there is no will or executor to do so. Legally, the first person with the property right is the legal spouse, getting all the inheritance and the ability to distribute if they see fit. If there is no spouse, the state moves to the children and possibly the parents. This happens until some relative can take over possessions, bouncing around until one is found.

No one wants to think that all they worked hard for just goes from one person to the next. Plus, the state takes their time when it comes to getting things in order. A will is a way to get things moving, maintaining control over what happens when you are no longer around. Wills are not just for the super-rich and famous; they are for anyone with items that they have worked for all of their lives. Leaving things to the ones you love puts meaning in your work, something that makes life worth living.

Making Changes to Your Will

You may think that creating a will young is pointless. You are not alone in this thought, especially since death may seem like something that is so far away. But the thing is, you can make changes to your will as long as you are in the condition to do so both physically and mentally. Any changes that you make must be with a family lawyer and must be signed in the presence of witnesses. You can either create a whole new will or make changes as your finances and possessions grow or as your family expands or changes.

Keep Your Future Bright

We never know when our last day will come. That is what makes life so beautiful. The unpredictable time that we have on this earth is something we should all appreciate, making sure we plan ahead and enjoy every single second. Creating a Texas last will and testament is easy. You can visit our website for a simple and intuitive template, getting the document completed correctly, and resting assured your future is in good hands.

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