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Death is not something fun to think about, but it will happen to all of us someday. While the fate of one upon death is subject to criticism, one thing remains true: some organization is necessary. If you have an Oregon last will and testament, you leave your family with a guide to follow to carry out your wishes. They are not left to go blindly into putting you to rest. If not, who knows how long the entire process can take and whether or not it will go as you might have planned?

Your sudden death can be a hassle, leaving your family to run around and carry out your wishes, unsure if they are doing things the way you wanted. You end up causing them more harm and leave them no chance to heal from their loss. When that time comes, the first thing that happens is that families get funeral preparations up and running. From there, it can either go up or downhill depending on the way you left things.

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How to Create a Will

When creating a will, you leave a guide and a bit of a means to an end, showing your family and friends that you thought of them in the event of your death. First, you need to think about your eligibility for filing the last will and testament template. In Oregon, last wills are regulated by Chapter 112 of the Oregon Code while ORS 112.235 sets the guidelines for its signing.

First, you need to be at least 18 years of age and make decisions for yourself. Apart from that, you’ll need to come prepared to think about a few things, including who you will elect as an executor and a beneficiary.


This is the person that gets the job going when it is time to see that your final wishes are fulfilled. This person will take charge the minute you pass, ensuring that everything is carried out the way you would have wanted. Of course, this is no simple task, and it is not a task for everyone. Because of that, you should choose someone you know and trust to get the job done. To be on the safe side, you should also choose a second executor, just in case your first choice cannot fulfill their duties.


These will be the people or organizations that you choose to receive certain items. When selecting your beneficiaries, you can be as specific as you like with the items you plan to pass down. It could be anything that is legally yours and comes with zero regulations. You get to put your own feelings into creating a list of beneficiaries and choosing anyone close to you.

What Is a Will Good For?

You might not think about creating a will until you start moving up in age. It is the most typical time to create a will, but it is not recommended to wait. We never know when our last day is. It is not to scare you, but it is helpful to think about some of the ‘what ifs’ when it comes to leaving your family behind. A completed and well-organized last will can be a strong foundation for you and your peace of mind. With this document, you can decide where your life’s earnings go and how they are distributed. On top of that, you leave your family at ease, knowing they are protected.

A will is great for several reasons with one of the most important being the feeling of relief regarding your family’s future lives. Plus, you won’t have anyone fighting for or abusing your assets, able to have the final say in how they get distributed. It brings about a lot of peace of mind, leaving you to enjoy life with less stress.

What Happens If I Die Without a Will?

Not everyone chooses to fill out a will. Some people just don’t want to, and others don’t seem to find a need for it. Some don’t think about it until it is too late, and others just never get to it. That being said, you might be left wondering what happens to your stuff without a will. Well, this depends on the state.

In Oregon, when the state takes over distributions, the latter first go to your spouse. If you were never married or perhaps divorced, then the state passes your belongings to relatives in line with intestacy legislation until an eligible relative is found. It may sound sad when you think about what you’ve worked your whole life for.

Create Your Oregon Last Will and Testament Today

You can create your will today using our free template on our website. Simply download and fill in the blanks. Now has never been a better time to secure your future; why not arrange a last will, knowing where your things will go when your final day comes?

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