Free Tennessee Last Will and Testament Template

We know what you might be thinking – I am too young for all of this. If you don’t have a single gray hair yet, so this may seem like something quite far away, but believe us, creating a Tennessee last will and testament is never too early, especially if you have enough assets and property to distribute. We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but life is short. Things pass by so fast, and sometimes we are left looking in the mirror, uncertain of who is looking back. Ok, enough with that, we all know that day will come.

That is what a will is for, giving us some confidence while still on this earth. A will gives us the power to choose what happens to our things and how everything will play out, even if we’re no longer here. We’ll introduce you to a few types so that there is no confusion with the terminology.

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Living Will

A living will is most often made out of necessity. Think of someone that is not in the best shape, thinking about how they would like things to go when their final day comes. The motivation for a living will comes from a medical condition or when someone is very old.

Last Will

The last will is one that you usually have more time for, able to really think about your life long items. Our will template comes with the opportunity to select things like your funeral plans, any last wishes you may have, and allows you to choose how you would like your properties distributed.

Why Should I Create a Will?

If you’re wondering why you should create a will, there are a few reasons. Perhaps the most important is that you should want to have a say in what happens to your stuff. We all work hard for the things we have, not wanting them to disappear or be passed to the wrong person when we are no longer here. Plus, creating a will is a way to make sure that things, and people, are taken care of in the event of your death.

This goes for those who have a ton of financial earnings to distribute and those that have only material things. It doesn’t matter your economic position when it comes to putting some order to distribute your things, leaving it all up to you and how you see fit.

How to Create a Tennessee Last Will and Testament

Creating a will is not a complicated process; it is regulated by Tennessee Code, Title 32, setting all the rules for making a legally binding and valid document. It is actually quite easy – even easier if you come prepared. When you’re ready to start, you need to have a few things in mind, including:

  • Who is going to make sure things go as planned? (an executor)
  • Who will take over if your first choice cannot? (an alternate)
  • Who is going to receive your stuff? (your beneficiaries)
  • What stuff do you have that you wish to go to others? (your items)

Once you have all of this together, and in order, the process is relatively easy. Starting with an online form, you can fill everything out by hand. This includes making a list of your items and how you would like them to be distributed. Handwritten wills are accepted in Tennessee, so long as they are signed in the presence of 2 witnesses. Once everything is signed and dated, you can get a notarization to make everything valid.

What If I Have No Will?

If you have no documents in place in the event of your death, the state of Tennessee will step in. While your family will be making all of your funeral arrangements, the state will take their time with your property. Without someone to get the ball rolling, it could take years before anything happens with your estate, depending on how fast paperwork gets processed.

The first thing that happens to your belongings is, they go to your spouse and children. If that is not the case, the state looks for other relatives available to inherit your belongings. They start with the most immediate relatives (e.g., parents) and then go down the family tree until someone can take over. You wouldn’t want your precious, hard-earned belongings to go down the drain, right?

Secure Your Future and Rest in Peace

To make sure that you leave this world with dignity, you can create a last will. It will serve as your voice when you are no longer here. Choosing a strong executor, you can rest assured that everything will go exactly as you wish, resting in peace that you, your family, and your close friends have something secure and have closure. The end of ones’ life should be a time to look back, remember, and grieve in one’s own time. Creating a will, you give those you love time to do so, taking care of the rest on your own.

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