Free Alabama Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

An Alabama motor vehicle bill of sale is necessary for registering a newly obtained automobile with the state officials. This document is inspected by a licensing official whenever the ownership over a vehicle is transferred to another person or organization. Depending on the county, you may need to include varying details on a vehicle bill of sale. The document, which is properly filled in and signed, must be always used for selling or purchasing cars in Alabama.

alabama vehicle bill of sale
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What Is a Bill of Sale and Why Should You Use It?

A bill of sale refers to a legal document used to record the transition of ownership. Such forms are utilized to sell a wide range of goods, though you aren’t always required to use one. However, citizens of Alabama are obliged to provide a bill of sale to register a car with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). A physical template of the document can be obtained from the state authorities, particularly, a local County Title and Registration Office. Mind that you only have 20 days to register a vehicle.

A printable Alabama motor vehicle bill of sale template in .PDF, .DOCX, and other formats can be downloaded from our website for free. You can also use our form builder to create a custom document according to the requirements of your county.

How to Register a Vehicle in Alabama?

First and foremost, you’ll need to ensure that all required documents are in your possession. Here are the papers that you must provide to the DMV to register a vehicle in Alabama:

  • Certificate of title. This document should be handed to you by the vehicle’s seller during the transition of ownership.
  • Vehicle Identification Number. Whenever a vehicle changes ownership, it must undergo an inspection by a licensing official. Section 810-5-1-.247 of the Alabama Administrative Code specifies the details of the registration process.
  • Liability Insurance. Liability insurance certificates are verified using the Online Insurance Verification System. A vehicle owner can also provide a physical insurance card to the official issuing a license plate.
  • Registration Fees. Citizens must pay a pre-arranged tax to register newly purchased vehicles.

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