Free New Mexico Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

Deals with cars in the state of New Mexico are heavily influenced by bills of sale. A New Mexico motor vehicle bill of sale is referred to as Form 10009 and used to record the transition of ownership over automobiles and vessels. This relatively simple form provides a convenient way to record the transaction and protect the interests of both parties involved. In addition, a vehicle bill of sale may be necessary for registering a car in this state.

new mexico vehicle bill of sale
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Is a Bill of Sale Required to Sell or Purchase a Vehicle in New Mexico?

No, this paper isn’t always necessary to utilize. When selling a motorized vehicle in the state, you may rely on the vehicle title to confirm the transition of ownership. Remember that not all vehicles must be titled in New Mexico; if a vehicle is exempt from titling, the bill will be necessary for selling or purchasing it. You would need a New Mexico motor vehicle bill of sale to register an automobile purchased from another state or imported from a different country.

The document must be utilized to title a car if the Assignment of Title contains incomplete information about the item being sold. Used trailers are always sold with a bill of sale, even if the title is filled in properly. Under New Mexico regulations, bills of sale don’t require notarization to obtain legal power. You may also avail of the document when presenting a car as a gift or trading it for another asset.

Registering Motor Vehicles in New Mexico

The registration of vehicles in New Mexico cannot be completed online or by mail; you must arrive at an MVD office in person to submit documents. The procedure must be completed within 30 days from the date of purchase of a new vehicle or obtaining residency in the state. The following documents are necessary to get New Mexico registration:

  • Odometer Disclosure Statement. An odometer disclosure may be listed on an Application for Title.
  • Purchase agreement and Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin. These documents are necessary if you’re purchasing from a dealership.
  • Certificate of Title and Application for Registration. These papers are required to register a used vehicle.
  • Proof of insurance. All vehicles registered in the state must be insured.

A free template of a New Mexico motor vehicle bill of sale can be obtained on our website. You can also construct a custom printable PDF document using our form builder.

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