Free Arizona Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

An Arizona motor vehicle bill of sale is a helpful document for selling or purchasing private and commercial automobiles. Bills of sale were created to assist the sides in recording the transition of ownership over a given asset. However, they can play a more important role, for instance, act as proof of ownership in court.

arizona vehicle bill of sale
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The Role of Motor Vehicles Bills of Sale in Arizona

Some states require citizens to utilize bills of sale when trading vehicles, but Arizona is a different case. In this state, you don’t have to sign any bill when selling or purchasing a motor vehicle as well as during its registration. Arizona provides a special guide for all vehicle buyers; make sure to read it carefully to avoid any issues while purchasing a used car.

A printable PDF template of an Arizona motor vehicle bill of sale can be obtained for free from our website. We also offer a form builder, which you can utilize to create a custom document.

Even though you don’t need a vehicle bill of sale to register a vehicle in Arizona, using this document is strongly suggested. If you are planning on moving to another state, this bill may be necessary to register your car there. In addition, the document can help you prove ownership over valuable assets, which is essential when qualifying for a loan.

Registration of Vehicles in Arizona: A Comprehensive Guide

The state of Arizona obliges sellers to use sold notices instead of bills of sale. These documents should be sent to the local Motor Vehicles Department immediately after the sale is completed. A sold notice can be filled online or in an MVD office.

To register any motor vehicle in Arizona, an individual needs to obtain the following documents:

  • Form 96-0236. This form is also known as a Title and Registration Application.
  • Insurance. Arizona imposes mandatory liability insurance. Mind that the insurance must be provided by a company authorized to operate in the state.
  • Vehicle title. The title must be signed off and handed to the new owner during the sale. Remember that Arizona has already stopped issuing paper titles; the documents are available electronically.
  • Fees and taxes. Arizona charges a registration fee, which may vary depending on the location and type of your vehicle.

Remember that the registration procedure must be completed within 15 days after vehicle purchase.

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