Free Kansas Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

A Kansas motor vehicle bill of sale provides a simple and convenient way to record the transition of ownership over a given vehicle. This legal document is utilized by privately owned businesses and individuals who reside in Kansas to sell or purchase vehicles in the state. In addition to trading vehicles, a bill of sale may be necessary for registering an automobile with the Treasurer’s Office.

Mind that you need a state-authorized vehicle bill of sale to complete any transaction successfully. Consider checking out our library for a printable PDF template of the required document. There’s also a free form builder for designing personalized documents.

kansas vehicle bill of sale
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Is a Bill of Sale Necessary for Selling or Purchasing Vehicles in Kansas?

Yes, there are cases when a bill of sale is required. For instance, if a vehicle title doesn’t contain information about the price of the transferred asset. You’d need a bill of sale to register and title such a vehicle. Remember that a seller is responsible for completing and printing out the paper. Always demand this document from them to avoid disputes over the rights of ownership. If you are selling a vehicle, make sure to sign a bill of sale to transfer legal liability to a buyer.

According to the Kansas Department of Revenue, bills of sale signed within the state don’t require notarization to obtain legal value. Notary services may be needed if there is a lien involved. In addition, vehicles and trailers purchased and titled out of state need to go through a Motor Vehicle Examination (MVE-1). Mind that you may need to register a vehicle in Kansas even if you are not planning to obtain residency in the state, for instance, when borrowing a car from someone residing in a different state and using it in Kansas for 90 days.

Registration of Vehicles in Kansas: A Comprehensive Guide

Except for the above-described case, you need to register a vehicle within 60 days from the date of obtaining residency or completing the purchase. After you are done with the application, the title will be issued within a 10 to 40-day period. The following documents must be handed to the Treasurer’s Office to register a vehicle:

  • MVE-1
  • Kansas motor vehicle bill of sale form
  • Vehicle title
  • Title and registration fees
  • Title and Registration Manual Application
  • Applicant’s ID

A driver’s license issued in Kansas is necessary for registering a vehicle.

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