Free Nevada Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

If you are planning to sell or purchase a car in the state of Nevada, utilize a vehicle bill of sale to record the transaction. A Nevada motor vehicle bill of sale (Form VP-104) is useful for proving ownership over your assets and necessary for registering a car in the state. This legal document helps confirm that both parties are fully aware of the deal’s conditions and agree on them.

nevada vehicle bill of sale
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Is a Nevada Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Required to Trade Automobiles?

A Nevada motor vehicle bill of sale is not always required to sell a vehicle in Nevada. When selling automobiles manufactured nine years ago or earlier, the document can be used to transfer ownership. The same applies to vehicles that were last titled in Nevada and have no liens imposed. If your automobile doesn’t meet the above conditions, you’ll have to use a proper title to sell the vehicle.

In the state of Nevada, bills of sale don’t have to be notarized to obtain legal power. Sellers’ and buyers’ signatures will be sufficient to consider the document as valid. Remember that you are obliged to use a state-authorized bill of sale form. A printable PDF template of a document can be found on our website. Our free form builder would assist you in creating a custom bill of sale.

How to Register a Vehicle in Nevada?

Mind that you have only 30 days to complete the registration procedure in one of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices. The following documents must be handed to the officials:

  • Vehicle title. The title is transferred to a buyer at the moment of completing the purchase. This document confirms ownership of a vehicle and should be stored in a secure place. If you are purchasing a vehicle with an assistant from a financial institution, a security agreement must be provided.
  • VIN inspection. All vehicles that weren’t previously titled in Nevada must go through a VIN inspection. As a result of the inspection, you’ll obtain a Vehicle Inspection Certificate.
  • Insurance documents. Vehicles that are being registered in Nevada must be insured in the state. Remember that insurance from other states or countries won’t be accepted.
  • Emission Inspection Report. Some vehicles may need to go through an emissions test to obtain registration.
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement. To register a vehicle in Nevada, you must provide a current odometer reading.

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