Free Arkansas Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

In the state of Arkansas, the transition of ownership over motor vehicles can (and should) be recorded with a bill of sale. Although you aren’t necessarily required to use an Arkansas motor vehicle bill of sale when selling or purchasing automobiles, this document may be quite useful. Bills of sale can act as evidence in courts and prove that you are the rightful owner of your assets when qualifying for a loan.

arkansas vehicle bill of sale
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Why Use Bills of Sale to Sell or Purchase Motor Vehicles in Arkansas?

Bills of sale are aimed at recording the transition of ownership over an asset, whether it’s a vehicle, a business, or jewelry. Bills of sale help the sides secure their interests through providing a legally recognized way to transfer liability from one party to another. For instance, the seller won’t be held accountable if the vehicle they sold is involved in a crime or abandoned.

It’s worth noting that you aren’t required to sign an Arkansas motor vehicle bill of sale to register a new vehicle. According to the Office of Motor Vehicles, a title is generally sufficient to register a car in the state. However, there are some cases when you need to use a vehicle bill of sale; for instance, if there’s not enough space on the title, or if the seller is applying for a sales tax credit.

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A Guide to Registering a Vehicle in Arkansas

After purchasing a vehicle in Arkansas, you have 30 days to register it with the authorities. Remember that all vehicles that are being registered for the first time or come from other states must go through a VIN inspection. This is done to ensure that the VIN wasn’t changed in an illegal way. In addition, you’d need the following documents to register a vehicle:

  • Form 10-381. This document is also referred to as a Vehicle Registration Application. It is necessary for titling and registering any motor vehicle.
  • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin. This paper is only required if you have purchased the vehicle from a dealership.
  • Odometer reading. It’s necessary for vehicles produced within the last 10 years.
  • Insurance. The vehicle must be insured by a company that possesses a license issued by the state of Arkansas.

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