Free Indiana Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

If you are selling or purchasing vehicles in Indiana, you may need to use an Indiana motor vehicle bill of sale (Form 44237). Although residents aren’t always required to sign this form when trading motorized vehicles, Form 44237 can act as a supporting document or replace a title. In addition, bills of sale must be utilized to trade specific types of vehicles, including trailers and ATVs.

indiana vehicle bill of sale
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The Role of Bills of Sale in Trading Motor Vehicles in Indiana

A vehicle bill of sale is commonly not employed when selling or purchasing motorized vehicles in Indiana. The state’s laws consider a vehicle title sufficient to prove the transition of ownership. However, there are cases when you can use a bill of sale as a supporting document. If a title doesn’t include information about the vehicle’s price or transaction date, a bill of sale should be applied.

If you wish to title a vehicle that doesn’t have to be titled, an Indiana motor vehicle bill of sale must be used. Bills of sale are also necessary for trading pop-up and utility trailers manufactured before July 2016 and January 1990 respectively. You’d need to sign a bill of sale when purchasing a vehicle from the Federal Government or a public auction. In the state of Indiana, a bill of sale doesn’t have to be notarized to obtain legal power.

Is a Bill of Sale Necessary for Registering a Vehicle in Indiana?

Commonly, buyers are not required to submit a bill of sale when registering a vehicle with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Here are the documents needed to register a vehicle in Indiana:

  • Title. The vehicle title must be transferred to the vehicle’s new owner at the moment of purchase.
  • VIN inspection. This procedure is only necessary if you are registering a vehicle purchased from another state. You can visit any certified BMV branch to complete the inspection.
  • Driver’s license. A driver’s license obtained in the state of Indiana is necessary for legalizing a car.
  • Insurance. All vehicles must be insured by a state-licensed company.
  • Registration fee. All fees and taxes must be paid during registration.
  • Odometer reading. An odometer disclosure statement (Form 43230) is necessary to confirm the authenticity of a vehicle’s odometer reading.

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