Free Tennessee Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

This paper plays an important role in the import of motorized vehicles to the state. A Tennessee motor vehicle bill of sale is required to register and title an automobile purchased from another country with the state’s County Clerks. Although you aren’t necessarily obliged to use this document when trading vehicles, it’s advised to sign it whenever possible.

Remember that you must utilize a state-authorized vehicle bill of sale to obtain a Tennessee title and license plates. The document must contain signatures of all participating sides, including public notaries and witnesses (if any). Consider downloading a printable form in PDF or DOCX from our website if you need this paper. We also provide a free document builder suitable for creating customized deeds.

tennessee vehicle bill of sale
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Trading Motor Vehicles in Tennessee: Is a Bill of Sale Necessary?

No, these documents aren’t always obligatory to use when trading motor vehicles in Tennessee. If you are a resident of this state purchasing from or selling to another resident, this form isn’t necessary. A vehicle title that specifies the vehicle’s price would be sufficient to record the transition of ownership. Dealerships and retailers aren’t required to use bills of sale either. However, this document is necessary to register an imported vehicle.

Mind that a Tennessee motor vehicle bill of sale might be required to sell an automobile to a resident of another state. This document will also be useful if you move to a different state and establish residency there. Some states require using bills of sale to title or register vehicles. Hence, it’s advised to sign this document even if Tennessee regulations don’t oblige you to do so.

Registration of Motor Vehicles in Tennessee

To be legally operated on public roads of Tennessee, all vehicles must be titled and registered. You are allowed to transfer currently owned license plates to a newly purchased vehicle. To register a vehicle with the County Clerk, you need to provide the following documents:

  • Applicant’s ID. A driver’s license, passport, or birth certificate can be utilized.
  • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (for new vehicles). A dealer’s invoice must be provided when registering a new vehicle.

Vehicle title (for used vehicles). The title must be provided alongside an odometer disclosure statement.

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