Free North Carolina Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

When purchasing or selling motorized vehicles in North Carolina, you may need to utilize a vehicle bill of sale to record the transition of ownership. A North Carolina motor vehicle bill of sale (Form SFN 2888) may be necessary for registering a vehicle with the state’s Division of Motor Vehicles. This document is helpful for proving ownership over one’s assets and filing in tax statements.

To obtain legal value, a bill of sale must contain a comprehensive set of information on the buyer, seller, transferred vehicle, and deal’s conditions. The document has to follow a state-authorized form, which can be obtained at any DMV office or online. You can also download a printable PDF template of the bill from this website for free. Consider using our form builder if you need a highly customized solution.

north carolina vehicle bill of sale
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The Role of Bills of Sale in the Exchange of Motor Vehicles in North Carolina

Residents of the state aren’t necessarily obliged to sign a North Carolina motor vehicle bill of sale when selling or purchasing cars. However, authorized dealerships commonly provide their clients with a bill of sale. This document is necessary for registering a vehicle purchased from a dealer.

To title a car purchased from a licensed dealer, you will need a bill of sale. This document should be provided to the local DMV alongside a title, Title Application, Odometer Disclosure, and Damage Disclosure. However, a bill of sale isn’t necessary to title used cars, other motorized vehicles, or vessels. Check the official guidelines published by the North Carolina Government for more details on registration of particular vehicle types.

A Comprehensive Guide on the Registration of Motor Vehicles in North Carolina

After establishing residency in the state or purchasing a new car, you must register it within 30 days. The list of required documents may vary depending on the origin of your vehicle. For instance, automobiles purchased through official dealerships must be registered using a bill of sale. The following documents would be required in any case:

  • Vehicle title. This title is provided at the moment of purchasing a vehicle, whether buying from a dealership or a private party.
  • MVR-1. This document is also known as a Title Application, and it must be submitted to title any vehicle type.

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