Free New Jersey Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

Sales of motorized vehicles in the state of New Jersey should be recorded using a vehicle bill of sale to avoid legal issues. Even though a New Jersey motor vehicle bill of sale isn’t always required to register a car, it may significantly ease the job. In addition, these documents may be necessary for selling automobiles outside of New Jersey or proving ownership over one’s assets.

Remember that bills of sale must follow a state-authorized template to be considered valid in New Jersey. The document must be notarized to obtain legal value. For its printable template in PDF or DOCX, consider checking out our library. We also offer a free form builder aimed at creating customized documents.

new jersey vehicle bill of sale
Get your free printable New Jersey Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale
template in PDF or DOC formats.

Selling a Vehicle in New Jersey: A Complete Guide

According to New Jersey regulations, a bill of sale is necessary for selling a vehicle. A seller is obliged to print the document, fill in all details about themselves and a buyer, and specify the car’s price. A New Jersey motor vehicle bill of sale must also include an odometer reading. Before selling a vehicle, make sure to remove its license plate and surrender it to the authorities. Mind that you cannot transfer the license plate to another person.

Which Documents Are Needed to Register a Vehicle in New Jersey?

To register a newly obtained vehicle, you should contact a local motor vehicle agency within 10 business days from the date of purchase. A list of documents necessary for completing registration may vary depending on the vehicle’s origin. If you’re purchasing from an authorized dealership, you may expect them to complete all the paperwork for you. In case a vehicle is purchased from a private party, the following documents will be required to register it with the MVA:

  • Form BA-49. A Vehicle Registration Application must be filled in, signed by an applicant, and provided to a local motor vehicle agency.
  • Vehicle title. The title is transferred to a buyer at the moment of signing a bill of sale.
  • Insurance. An applicant must provide a New Jersey insurance card to register a car.
  • Identification documents. A driver’s license or state ID can be utilized to legalize a vehicle in New Jersey.
  • Taxes and fees. Mind that New Jersey charges varying fees based on the vehicle type. Contact the MVA for more information on taxation.

Other Vehicle Bill of Sale Templates