Free Michigan Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

When selling or purchasing vehicles in the state of Michigan, one is obliged to record the automobile’s price on its title. However, it’s strongly suggested to utilize a Michigan motor vehicle bill of sale (Form TR-207) to avoid any legal issues. This document helps protect the rights of both the buyer and the seller by providing a reliable way to record the transition of ownership.

michigan vehicle bill of sale
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Is a Bill of Sale Necessary for Selling a Vehicle in Michigan?

No, you aren’t obliged to sign a Michigan motor vehicle bill of sale if a vehicle being sold has a title. Most automobiles, vessels, and trailers have to be titled in Michigan, so any road-going vehicle would probably have a title. However, this is not the case with snowmobiles, which aren’t titled even if used on the public territory. When selling or purchasing a snowmobile, make sure to sign a vehicle bill of sale to record the transaction and register the vehicle.

You may need a bill of sale to sell a vehicle that doesn’t have its price and year of production specified on the title. When purchasing or selling vehicles, the parties are suggested to meet at any convenient Secretary of State office to sign a bill of sale. If the sides cannot arrange an agreement, both the buyer and the seller must keep the sale record for at least 18 months. Remember that you must use a state-authorized bill of sale template, as other forms won’t be considered valid. A printable copy of the document in PDF can be obtained on our website for free or created using a custom form builder.

Registering a Vehicle in Michigan: A Comprehensive Guide

To register a vehicle in Michigan, you need to visit a local Secretary of State office. Remember that all vehicles must be registered within 15 days from the date of purchase. The following documents are required:

  • Vehicle title. The title is handed to the buyer at the moment of purchase. If you are buying the vehicle from an authorized dealer, they will most likely complete the titling procedure for you.
  • Applicant’s ID. A valid driver’s license or a state ID is necessary for registering the vehicle.
  • Insurance. Michigan no-fault insurance is required.
  • Fees and taxes. The state charges a base 6% registration tax.

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