Free Massachusetts Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

Whether buying or selling a vehicle in Massachusetts, you should record the transition of ownership with a legal document. A Massachusetts motor vehicle bill of sale should be utilized whenever buying from or selling to an individual or a private company. This document provides a reliable and convenient way to keep a record of the deal and outline all of its conditions on paper.

massachusetts vehicle bill of sale
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Do You Need a Bill of Sale to Sell or Purchase a Vehicle in Massachusetts?

No, using a vehicle bill of sale isn’t always necessary in the state of Massachusetts. If you are buying a vehicle from an authorized dealer, there’s no need to worry about paperwork at all. Commonly, the dealer will complete the titling and registration procedures for you. However, if you’re purchasing from a private party, a Massachusetts motor vehicle bill of sale may be necessary. When there’s not enough space on a title to indicate a vehicle’s price or date of purchase, you’ll have to sign a bill of sale.

Even though you don’t have to use a bill of sale in Massachusetts, it’s advised to sign a document anyway. A buyer may need it to register a vehicle in another state, while a seller can formalize relinquished legal liability for the car. Mind that Massachusetts provides a state-authorized template of a bill of sale; use this form to avoid any legal issues. A printable copy of the document in PDF can be obtained from our database or created using a free form builder.

How to Register a Motorized Vehicle in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts’ regulations on vehicle registration have one especially notable point: trailers with a weight under 3,000 pounds don’t have to be titled. All other vehicles must be registered within the first 10 days from the date of purchase. Do mind that vehicles previously registered in other states may be subject to additional fees. To register a newly obtained automobile, one must gather and hand the following documents to the Registry of Motor Vehicles:

  • Registration and Title Application. The application, also known as Form RMV-1, must be completed, printed out, and signed.
  • Vehicle title. The title must be handed over to the buyer at the moment of signing a bill of sale.
  • Fees and taxes. Massachusetts may charge varying registration fees, depending on the number plate and vehicle type.
  • Identification document. A full list of suitable IDs can be found on

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