Free Georgia Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

When selling or purchasing motor vehicles in Georgia, both participating sides need a legal document to record the transaction. A Georgia motor vehicle bill of sale (Form T-7) is commonly utilized to confirm the transition of ownership along with the vehicle title. This document confirms that the sides are fully aware of the deal’s conditions and agree with them.

georgia vehicle bill of sale
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Is a Bill of Sale Necessary for Selling or Purchasing a Vehicle in Georgia?

The state of Georgia doesn’t always require residents to utilize bills of sale when trading vehicles. In case you purchase a car manufactured in 1985 or more recently, a vehicle bill of sale can be replaced with a car title. Remember that the title must contain sufficient information about the buyer and the seller to meet the official requirements. If a bill of sale is used to register a vehicle, it must indicate the chain of ownership from the previous to the current owner.

Although you aren’t necessarily obliged to use a Georgia motor vehicle bill of sale form, it’s highly advised to sign the document. Both buyers and sellers benefit from using it. Buyers receive a decent way to prove ownership over newly obtained assets, which may be necessary for registering a vehicle in a different state. Sellers are released from legal liability for the car, meaning that they won’t be held accountable if the automobile is involved in a crime.

If you decide to utilize a bill of sale to sell or purchase a vehicle, consider downloading a printable PDF template from our website. It’s available free of charge and meets all requirements imposed by the state. In addition, you can avail of our form builder to create a personalized document.

How to Register a Vehicle in Georgia?

Mind that you can’t register a vehicle in Georgia without a valid driver’s license issued by the state authorities. The registration procedure must be completed within 30 days from the purchase date or obtaining residence in Georgia. Other documents necessary for registering a vehicle include the following:

  • Form MV-1. This document is also known as a Title Application.
  • Insurance. The vehicle must be insured by a company that possesses a license from the state of Georgia.
  • Identification document. A state ID or a Georgia driver’s license is necessary as well.
  • Fees and taxes. More information on taxes is available on
  • Vehicle Title. The title is handed to the vehicle’s new owner at the moment of signing the bill of sale.
  • Form T-22B. A Certification of Inspection proves that the vehicle has successfully undergone a VIN inspection.

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