Free New York Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

When trading automobiles, vessels, and ATVs in the state of New York, residents are obliged to utilize a vehicle bill of sale. A New York motor vehicle bill of sale is also known as Form MV-912 and used to record the transition of ownership over automobiles or vessels. This document helps both parties confirm their agreement with the deal’s conditions and outlines details about a car being sold. In addition, the paper is necessary for registering a motorized vehicle and driving it on public roads.

new york vehicle bill of sale
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Is a Bill of Sale Necessary for Selling a Car in New York?

Yes, you are obliged to transfer ownership over a vehicle by signing a state-authorized bill of sale form. Unlike other states that don’t require using bills of sale for vehicles exempt from titling, New York makes this document obligatory to trade all vehicles. You may also need the paper when selling to or purchasing from residents of other states. Mind that possessing a New York motor vehicle bill of sale itself is insufficient to prove ownership over a given automobile; you also need a title signed over to you by the previous owner (if any).

The state of New York requires using bills of sale even when giving vehicles as gifts or trading them for other items. The document must follow a state-authorized template, which can be obtained from our website for free. We also provide a form builder, which would assist you in creating a custom printable PDF document.

How to Register a Motor Vehicle in New York?

Registration of motorized vehicles in New York requires you to possess a valid insurance certificate issued within 180 days. Mind that New York allows registering vehicles by mail. The following documents must be provided to a local Department of Motor Vehicles office to register a vehicle:

  • Form MV-82. Also known as an Application for Vehicle Registration, this document is available on
  • Form DTF-802. This document is also called a Statement of Transaction and can be obtained on
  • Driver’s license. A Non-Driver ID may be utilized as well.
  • Bill of sale. This form is mandatory to register any vehicle in New York.
  • Vehicle title. For a full list of proofs of ownership accepted by the authorities, see the official guide on
  • Fees and taxes. Consider using the official DMV website to estimate the fees.
  • Proof of insurance. Vehicles being registered in New York must be insured by a local company.

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