Free Washington Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

The exchange of motorized vehicles in Washington is heavily influenced by bills of sale. A Washington motor vehicle bill of sale (Form TD-420-065) must be signed whenever the state’s residents sell or purchase automobiles, trailers, or vessels. The vehicle bill of sale acts as evidence of ownership transition and helps record the transaction details, information about the vehicle, and participating sides. In addition, this form is required to obtain a title or register a car with the state’s Department of Licensing.

washington vehicle bill of sale
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Is a Bill of Sale Necessary for Selling or Purchasing a Vehicle in Washington?

Residents of Washington have to utilize a copy of the form whenever selling or purchasing a vehicle. Mind that a Washington motor vehicle bill of sale can be used to present automobiles as gifts. Under this scenario, one should write “zero” in the “purchase price” field of the document. If there’s a trade-in involved, make sure to specify which items are exchanged and indicate how much cash will be transferred.

Bills of sale don’t require notarization to obtain legal power. You may, however, invite independent witnesses and a public notary to oversee the transaction. Prior to signing the document, ensure that it follows a state-authorized template and contains all necessary information; otherwise, the paper won’t be considered valid.

Registration of Motorized Vehicles in Washington

The Department of Licensing manages all titling and registration processes in the state. To obtain a new title or license plates, you should submit all required documents to a DOL office within 15 days from purchase. Here’s a list of papers required to title a motor vehicle:

  • Odometer Disclosure Statement. This document should be provided if the vehicle is newer than 10 years old.
  • Bill of sale. The buyer and the seller should print out, complete, and sign at least two copies of the document (one for each party involved).
  • Vehicle Title Application. Mind that this form must be completed in front of a public notary or a licensing agent.
  • Title. The current title must be signed over to the buyer at the moment of finalizing the transaction.
  • Fees and taxes. For detailed information on taxes charged in your particular case, contact the DOL office of your county.

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