Free Colorado Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

When selling or purchasing vehicles in Colorado, both sides need a reliable, legally recognized document to record the transaction. A Colorado motor vehicle bill of sale is exactly such a paper. It provides all participating individuals or businesses with the possibility to record the transition of ownership and confirm it when needed. It may also be needed to register or title a vehicle.

colorado vehicle bill of sale
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What Is a Colorado Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale?

It is a legal document utilized to record the transition of ownership over an asset. Bills of sale are legally recognized proofs of ownership, which makes them quite valuable for both a buyer and a seller. Sellers obtain a way to relinquish legal liability for the sold items. On the other hand, buyers can use bills of sale when qualifying for a loan or filling in tax statements.

In the state of Colorado, a vehicle bill of sale is necessary to title a vehicle. Titling and registration can be completed in the Department of Motor Vehicles of your county. Mind that official dealerships commonly fill in all necessary documents for their customers. Those who purchase vehicles from individual sellers would need to complete the registration and titling procedures themselves.

A full Colorado motor vehicle bill of sale form is available on the state’s official website. You can also download a printable PDF template from this website for free or use a form builder to create a custom solution.

Is a Bill of Sale Required to Register a Vehicle in Colorado?

A bill of sale is needed to title a vehicle. It should be handed to DMV officials alongside the following documents:

  • Insurance. Mind that insuring a vehicle is only necessary if you are registering it in Colorado. In case the vehicle is being titled without registration, any proof of insurance isn’t required.
  • Identification Documents. A person whose name will appear on the title should provide his or her ID, such as a national ID or a driver’s license.
  • Previous title. The seller is obliged to handle the vehicle’s title to the buyer when signing a bill of sale.
  • Odometer disclosure. An odometer reading is required to register a used automobile.

The new owner must complete the registration procedure within 30 days from the date of purchase. Mind that Colorado may impose specific regulations when there’s more than one vehicle owner, or if the vehicle was titled in a different state.

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